Select random records

fetch random rows in MySQL

Cloning a MySQL table with data and indexes

Copy a MySQL table including its data and indexes

Find duplicate table records

get a list of records with duplicates using a MySQL SQL query

Select today's MySQL records

get a list of records creating today

Get list of tables in MySQL database

Concatenate multiple rows into a single field

use MySQL aggregation to combine multiple rows into a single cell

Batch insert rows into MySQL table

use batch queries for faster insert's in your MySQL system

Find last day and length of month

get last day of month using a SQL query

Reset Auto Increment Value

how to reset the auto increment value of a table in MySQL

Saving a query result in a new table

save query result in a table

Creating views to get easy access to frequent queries

creating views to simplify access to query results

Concatenating strings

combining strings in a mysql query